World of Warcraft: All Legion In-game Cinematic (End of Legion)

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World of Warcraft: Legion All Cinematic Trailer: Antorus Ending Cinematic, The Battle for Argus, Raising a King, Reincarnation of Alleria Windrunner, The Tomb of Sargeras, Harbingers! World of Warcraft: Legion Full Movie (Updated 11/2017).

00:04 Harbingers - Illidan
04:17 Demon Hunter campaign
08:09 World of Warcraft: Legion Cinematic Trailer
11:54 Alliance and Horde Broken Shore
20:18 Harbingers - Gul'dan
26:31 Sylvanas Warchief
28:50 Stormheim Epilogue In-game Cinematic
30:44 Val'sharah Intro In-game Cinematic
31:19 Val'sharah Epilogue In-game Cinematic
32:37 Suramar Intro In-game Cinematic
34:42 Return to Karazhan
35:44 Harbingers - Khadgar
41:00 Lightbound Vessel Interstitial In-game Cinematic
42:11 Nighthold In-game Cinematic Finale
43:29 World of Warcraft: Legion - Patch 7.2 – The Tomb of Sargeras Trailer
46:11 A Found Momento: Raising a King (Anduin Wrynn)
48:51 Tomb of Sargeras In-game Cinematic Finale
51:03 The Battle for Argus Begins
54:14 Rejection of the Gift
57:29 Legion (Patch 7.3): Shadows of Argus - Reincarnation of Alleria Windrunner Cinematic
58:03 Antorus Ending Cinematic

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