Vanessa Guillen ghost box session. She SPEAKS OUT! What SHE SAYS will SHOCK YOU! (Fort Hood Soldier)

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Vanessa Guillen ghost box session.
Vanessa Guillen comes though out ghost box loud and clear talking about her murder and possibly shedding light on some mysteries surrounding her death. Let me know what you think in the comment section about Vanessa Guillen or this session!

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My name is Cody and I am a Paranormal Researcher. I’ve been involved in the ITC field for four years and have been investigating the paranormal for even longer. I make videos revolving around EVP Sessions (also known as ghost box sessions or spirit box sessions). All my work is 100% real and is used as evidence for my own validation and research into the afterlife. I always wanted to know for myself if life after death exists, so I decided to research it first hand to find out for myself. Whether or not it is real, I will only know at my own death. However, evidence thus far indicates that there appears to be a truly unknown phenomenon taking place which cannot be explained with logical reasoning and which suggests that there could very well be an afterlife waiting for us when we Subscribe and follow me on my journey as I hope to shine light onto the mysteries of the afterlife and find out the truthbefore my time comes. ????♥️

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0:00 - intro
1:26 - Session 1
4:30 - Session 2
8:53 - Closing (and prophecy reveal)
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