Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - BUG DLC Trailer

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Bugs are awesome, we have too few of them, we made some more ;)
Download it now!

This DLC includes 11 unique bugs that you can trigger in the options menu!

Bug notes:
- Added bug where players can access hidden developer tools such as force push, unit grab, spawn projectiles and gravity modulation.
- Added a bug which causes fireworks to be too big and too strong.
- Added a bug which makes it impossible for units to die.
- Added bug where range units attack speed is too high.
- Added bug where balloons weigh too much.
- Added bug where units would become too big.
- Added bug causing units to become too small.
- Added bug where mammoths are able to be placed on top of each other.
- Added bug causing halflings to implode into black holes.
- Added bug causing units to unexplainably spin around at a close range.
- Added bug where all units now have valkyrie wings.

It's only paid for April 1st of 2020 - Landfall's proceeds (At least $2.5USD per DLC sold) is going to Doctors Without Borders.
The DLC will be free for everyone starting April 2nd (may vary due to time zones)

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