Top 10 Things WoW Players Want In World Of Warcraft

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World Of Warcraft is a game played by people all over the world with maybe different tastes and preferences, and with WoW being over 11 years old you'd think the game would have everything that players want by now? well you're wrong so in this video we're gonna take a look at the top 10 things WoW players want added to the World of Warcraft based on a strawpoll I threw out a few weeks ago.
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In this video I list the Top 10 things that World of Warcraft players want to be added to WoW to make the game better, some suggestions are more likely to happen than others, let's hope we see a few of these things added in Legion too!

If you'd like to suggest a topic for a future discussion or top 10 please comment or tweet me via the links above.

---Text Spoilers---

10: The Dance Studio
9: Better World Scaling
8: Timewalking Raids
7: World Of Warcraft 2
6: Legacy Servers
5: Warcraft 4
4: More PVP Content
3: More Dungeons
2: Harder Solo Content
1: Good Player & Guild Housing (Not Garrisons)

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Top 10 Things WoW Players Want In World Of Warcraft
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