Top 10 Star Wars Musical Theme Songs [HQ]

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In my opinion, these are the Best Star Wars Songs of All Time composed by John Williams!

Intro Piece: John Williams - The Jedi Steps and Finale

10. The Throne Room [0:41]
9. Anakin's Betrayal [1:40]
8. Rey's Theme [2:47]
7. The Arena / March at the Jedi temple [3:57]
6. Across the stars [4:58]
5. Binary Sunset [5:57]
4. Battle of the Heroes [7:03]
3. Imperial March [8:36]
2. Duel of the Fates [9:26]
Honorable mentions:
-Yoda's Theme [10:50]
-Anakin vs. Obi Wan [11:14]
-Luke & Leia [11:40]
-Anakin's Dark Deeds [12:01]
-Escape from Cloud City/Hyperscape [12:26]
-Kylo Ren Arrives at the battle [12:51]
-The Droid Invasion [13:10]
1. Star Wars (Main theme) [13:34]

*Many thanks to Abdulkadir Kesici for making the timestamps!

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