TOP 10 DROPS LOOPSTATION ???? Grand Beatbox Battle 2020 Online

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Check out the Top 10 Drops of the Loopstation category of our Grand Beatbox Battle 2020 World League Online event! Thank you to all the participating artists for making this event possible.

FRIIDON on YT - @FriiDon/Luka and IG - @friidon_official
V0XEL on IG - @voxelbeatbox
HOGUMA on YT @Hoguma HBB and IG - @hoguma_loops
KBA on YT - @KBA Beatbox and IG - @kba_beatbox
D-LOW on YT - @D-low Beatbox and IG - @dlowbeatboxblad
BIZKIT on YT - @Alex Sanxhez and IG - @alexsanchezcreates
Frosty on YT - @Frosty Beatbox and IG - @frostybeatbox
RUSY on YT - @RUSY Beatboxer and IG - @rusy_beatboxer
BREZ on YT - @BreZ Beatbox and IG - @brezbeatbox
Kristof on YT - @Kristóf Nagy and IG - @nagykristof_7s

Huge Shoutout to our Grand Beatbox Battle Online 2020 Sponsors:

1. BOSS | Thank you for cash prizes for our event! You have shown the community so much support. Can you believe we've been working together for 8 years! We look forward to many more!
Check BOSS out here:

2. DPA
Thank you also to DPA Microphones for the support! Your technology is really impeccable! You provide the best mics for beatboxing, hands down!
Check DPA out here:

It was great to work with you all & we look forward to continuing making magic with you.


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We're planning to host our next GBB World League Live Event in December, 2020. Stay tuned for more information!

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