Top 10 Best Race/Class combos in Classic WoW (World of Warcraft)

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In classic wow the racial's are not exactly super balanced, so some of them perform much better with certain classes than others. And in this list I'll go over which ones are the best combination, but mainly for PVE.

10- Undead Warrior/Rogue/Priest/Mage/Warlock
9- Tauren Tank Warrior (5% more health)
8- Troll Shaman (Berserking for faster heals)
7- Troll hunter (Berserking, 2nd highest base agility)
6- Gnome Warlock (Increase Int)
5- Gnome Mage (Increase Int)
4- Human Rogue (Weapon skills)
3- Orc DPS Warrior (Weapon skills/Bloodfury)
2- Human DPS/Tank warrior (Weapon skills)
1- Dwarf Priest (FearWard)

-----Other Class Combos-----

--S Tier-- (all appear in video)
Orc DPS Warrior (Weapon skills/Bloodfury)
Human DPS/Tank warrior (Weapon skills)
Human Rogue (Weapon skills)
Gnome Mage (Increase Int)
Gnome Warlock (Increase Int)
Dwarf Priest (FearWard)
Undead Rogue, Warlock, Mage, Priest (PvP Only, WotF)
Troll hunter (Berserking, 2nd highest base agility)

--A Tier--
Troll Warrior Tank (Berserking at max)
Tauren Tank Warrior (5% more health)
Undead Warrior (PvP Only, 2 fear breaks)
Dwarf Tank Warrior (Stoneform)
Troll Priest (Berserking for faster heals)
Troll mage (Berserking at low HP)
Troll Shaman (Berserking for faster heals)
Troll Rogue (Berserking at low HP)
Orc Rogue (Bloodfury only, Rogues cannot use axes)
Dwarf Rogue (Can clear Dots w/Stoneform)
--B Tier--
Orc Enhance only shamans (Bloodfury/Axe skill)
Nelf Warrior Tank (1% extra dodge)
Orc Warrior Tank (Axe skills, bloodfury is actually bad for tanks)
Orc Warlock (5% pet dmg)
Orc hunter (5% dmg on pets, stun reduce, preferred pvp hunter)
Nelf Hunter (Higher base agility)
--C Tier--
Dwarf hunter (Gun specialization)
Human/Dwarf Pally (only options, they're both pretty equal)
Nelf/Tauren druid (Only options)
Tauren Shaman (Warstomp, Extra Health)
Gnome Warrior DPS/Tank (Small target, escape artist)

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