The Truth about “Ghost Guns”

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On March 28th, 2021, Senator Chuck Schumer held a press conference to spread misinformation about personally made firearms in order to fear longer and further his own personal anti-gun agenda.
The “ghost gun” narrative is scary. It is meant to convince people, even some gun owners, that the hobby of gun making is nefarious. That only reason anyone would guide their own gun, whether from scratch, with a kit or through 3D printing, is to circumvent the law or supply a criminal enterprise.
Chuck Schumer doesn’t understands guns, much less gun making. He makes this clear in his press conference. He uses gun control to remain in the political spotlight. It’s his pet issue and it’s one that he can get airtime with.
This video points out the mistakes and misinformation in Schumer’s presentation and offers the truth about gun making. It’s a freedom hobby that takes time, effort and money to engage in. It’s not as simple as those lobbying for its regulation would have you believe and it’s not inherently more dangerous or more easily criminalized than any other gun activity.

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