The Story of Warcraft pre-WoW (movie edit) Part 1/2

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NAVIGATION INDEX (info about video is at the bottom):

- Intro (01:28)
- Human campaign (02:50)
- Orc campaign (13:10)
- Intro (26:52)
- Orc campaign (28:45)
- Human campaign (43:09)
- Intro (01:01:28)
- Orc campaign (01:02:31)
- Human campaign (01:19:14)
INTERLUDE (01:34:36)
Warcraft III Trailer (01:40:40)
Prologue campaign: Exodus of the Horde
- Intro: Thrall's Dream (01:43:03)
- Chapter One: Chasing Visions (01:45:59)
- Chapter Two: Departures (01:48:42)
- Chapter Three: Riders on the Storm (01:51:26)
- Chapter Four: The Fires Down Below (01:54:32)
- Chapter Five: Countdown to Extinction (01:58:26)
Human campaign: The Scourge of Lordaeron
- Human Intro: The Warning (02:01:11)
- Chapter One: The Defense of Strahnbrad (02:04:50)
- Chapter Two: Blackrock and Roll (02:09:21)
- Interlude: Jaina's Meeting (02:12:44)
- Chapter Three: Ravages of the Plague (02:14:11)
- Chapter Four: The Cult of the Damned (02:18:40)
- Chapter Five: March of the Scourge (02:21:27)
- Interlude: The Prince and the Prophet (02:24:35)
- Chapter Six: The Culling (02:26:02)
- Interlude: Divergent Courses (02:29:30)
- Chapter Seven: The Shores of Northrend (02:31:36)
- Chapter Eight: Dissension (02:34:41)
- Chapter Nine: Frostmourne (02:38:03)
- Human Finale: Arthas' Betrayal (02:44:02)
Undead campaign: Path of the Damned
- Chapter One: Trudging through the Ashes (02:46:58)
- Chapter Two: Digging up the Dead (02:50:34)
- Interlude: The Dreadlords Convene (02:55:59)
- Chapter Three: Into the Realm Eternal (02:57:28)
- Chapter Four: Key of the Three Moons (03:00:52)
- Chapter Five: The Fall of Silvermoon (03:03:39)
- Interlude: The Revelation (03:08:18)
- Chapter Six: Blackrock & Roll, Two! (03:10:05)
- Chapter Seven: The Siege of Dalaran (03:14:24)
- Chapter Eight: Under the Burning Sky (03:17:08)
- Undead Finale: The destruction of Dalaran (03:20:20)
Orc campaign: The Invasion of Kalimdor
- Chapter One: Landfall (03:22:46)
- Chapter Two: The Long March (03:28:35)
- Interlude: The Destruction of Lordaeron (03:31:51)
- Chapter Three: Cry of the Warsong (03:33:46)
- Chapter Four: The Spirits of Ashenvale (03:37:45)
- Interlude: The Blood of Mannoroth (03:40:40)
- Chapter Five: The Hunter of Shadows (03:43:25)
- Chapter Six: Where Wyverns Dare (03:49:27)
- Chapter Seven: The Oracle (03:51:48)
- Chapter Eight: By Demons Be Driven (03:57:58)
- Orc Finale: The death of Hellscream (04:02:19)
Night elf campaign: Eternity's End
- Chapter One: Enemies at the Gate (04:06:35)
- Chapter Two: Daughters of the Moon (04:10:45)
- Chapter Three: The Awakening of Stormrage (04:15:44)
- Chapter Four: The Druids Arise (04:17:45)
- Chapter Five: Brothers in Blood (04:23:06)
- Chapter Six: A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow (04:31:48)
- Interlude: The Last Guardian (04:35:50)
- Chapter Seven: Twilight of the Gods (04:38:02)
- Night Elven Finale: Eternity's End (04:45:27)

About this video:
This is a compilation of all my previous Warcraft videos. It contains all the cinematics and story-relevant campaign content, organised so as to be watchable as one (long) movie (for example, all credits are moved to the end, some logos were removed, added a short interlude about the events that were supposed to happen between Warcraft II and III etc.).
This was intended to be only one video, but because of its size I could not upload it to Youtube in one piece at higher than 480p quality, so I cut it in halves in a spot that I felt was natural. Therefore, the contents from "Warcraft I", "Warcraft II" and "Warcraft III Reign of chaos" can be found in the first video, which you can access from this playlist or by clicking the link in the video description.
In order to make it easier for you to find the particular spot you want to see, I have added the navigation index with links to all the major chapters of the story.
As always, for more information about the lore, check out or Blizzard's official sites. Obviously, all the used content belongs to Blizzard and has only been edited by me.
For other versions of these campaigns (different resolutions or cleaner versions) check out the older videos on my channel.
I hope you enjoy watching this Warcraft "movie", at least until Blizzard gives us a real one ;)
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