THE SAINT SOLDIER - Uncovering the Bhai Maharaj Singh Story (Singapore's 1st Sikh, full documentary)

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Unlike many other diaspora communities, the Sikhs in Singapore can trace their origin to a single man - the 'saint soldier' from Punjab, Bhai Maharaj Singh. Hailed as one of the most 'wanted' men during the 19th century Anglo-Sikh wars, freedom fighter Bhai Maharaj Singh was exiled to Singapore as a state prisoner in 1850, after his infamous arrest by the British. More than 160 years since his death in Outram Prison, he is still widely remembered, and revered. From the pulses of Punjab to the lion city, and beyond - what keeps the 'saint soldier's' memorial thriving along Singapore's Jalan Bukit Merah? A fascinating story of a humble disciple's journey to a warrior, and a saint - one that weaves a captivating tale infusing Indian, British colonial and Singaporean narratives.

A film by Uptake Media
Year of Production: 2019
Director/Co-Producer/Editor: Upneet Kaur-Nagpal
Cinematographer: Abhishek Anchliya
Executive Producer: Simranjit Singh
Featured Music: Veer Manpreet Singh, Benjamin Chow, Govin Tan, Gurmat Sangeet Academy (CSGB)
Audio (post): Anup Pereira At Doppler Soundlab
Graphics: Benjamin Khan
Silhouette Portrait Artist: Alison Louise Russell
Lead Researcher: Apinder Singh
Special Thanks: Guramrit Singh, Pree Kaur Sandhu, Simha Jastol, Amrit Kaur

Special Thanks to Interviewees: Dr Sukhpreet Singh Udhoke, Mr Amandeep Madra, Dr Jennifer Howes, Mr Arjun Naidu, Ms Li-Jen Tan, Mr Davinder Toor, Mdm Bibi Mendro, Mr Anoop Singh Bajwa, Mr Gurdip Singh Usma, Mdm Mindy Sahota, Mr Gurrajpal Singh, Mr Gurpratap Singh, Mr Gursimranpal Singh, Mr Sunny Daheley.

Big thanks to our kind donors, including Members of the Sikh Community, Central Sikh Gurdwara Board, 550th Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Birthday 2019, Ancient Civilisations Museum.
In support of Singapore Bicentennial

Contact: uptakemedia{@}
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