THE BATTLE OF THE SPIRE! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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Lara Croft is met with the tyrannical Tarana, who also explains how she is not from the island and is in fact from another reality. Tarana explains to Lara Croft how the Spire Assassin and Spire Guardians are not willing to help either of them get back home. After Lara sees the golden statue of Reese, she connects the pieces of both Marigold and Midas and decides to go back to the Spire in search for more answers. Instead Lara Croft finds Raz surrounded by the Spire Assassin and Spire Guardian. Raz however manages to outwit them for a bit, utilizing the power of the Zero Point crystal he had once stolen. The Spire Assassin is still able to defeat Raz with much ease, and that is when Raz notices Lara Croft. The two manage to escape, but not without the Spire Assassin calling in for more guardians to find and defeat both Lara Croft and Raz.

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