That's the World of Warcraft That You Play!

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This parody of Weird Al Yankovic's "Your Horoscope for Today" takes his entertaining lyrics and changes them into a parody of World of Warcraft. This song and video I made was an entry for the Xfire Summer Movie Contest and placed third in the Dance/Music Category.


There's travel in your future when you
Hit level thirty and you get your travel form,
You will never be a rogue,
Always healing and crying about your class,

You will want every single weapon in the
Entire freaking game!
You don't need anything but your pet,
Send him in, scattershot, and then feign death.

You think you're almighty with your epic staff
with arcane power and a zandallarian hero charm,
The only problem is you'll be ripped to shreds,
And you will be nerfed by every single glitchy patch.

That's the World of Warcraft that you play! x4

Fifty percent of your server will be composed of
Rogues who rolled their class to be cheap.
You should not worry because you can one shot
Someone without any kind of skill

You think you are a shadow priest, but you
will be forced to be a healbot in your raids.
You should prepare to jump off a cliff,
When suddenly everything is your fault.

You are the most overpowered class,
All you have to do it cast frostshock to win.
Remember to keep reincarnation up,
And it will take ten alliance just to take you down.

That's the World of Warcraft that you play! x4

So you think you have leet skills because you
Raid all day and night or you have finally grinded
To Grand Marshal or to High Warlord.
And you may have epic gear so you can brag to all
Your friends that you spent too much time playing
This stupid time consuming game.
And just because you have tier three gear only
Shows that you have no life and it will be useless
In the upcoming expansion pack.
So I suggest you go outside and ride your bike,
Hop in a pool, or play with kittens so you get
Away and do productive work.
Where was I?

You might have incredible strength,
And you can probably own somebody's face.
But you are worthless without a priest.
You are destined to raid for all your life.

You strike fear into the hearts of the Horde,
Simply using your hammer and bubble-hearth.
You think that you are a warrior,
But you will always be the guy who never heals!

You should be able to kill someone with
A ten thousand damage shadowbolt crit.
If I were you I'd join a guild and always raid,
And never never never never never leave my house again.

That's the World of Warcraft that you play! x8

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