Tension Escalates In Ladakh: China Says It Is To Save Its Soldier On Indian Border

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last Friday, a Chinese soldier, entered the Indian border, which was detained by the Indian Army. In Beijing, the Chinese military confirmed, that one of its soldiers "went astray, along with the China-India border areas
Indian officials also confirm that 1 Chinese soldier, crossed the Line of Actual Control, and entered the Indian border,
Now, China has called for the immediate return of one of its soldiers who "went astray” in the China-India border areas and was apprehended by the Indian Army.
The P L A, frontier defense force, notified the Indian side about the information, for the first time, hoping the Indian side could assist, in search and rescue of the lost Chinese soldier,

Nearly two hours later, the response from the Indian side came, confirming that the missing soldier, had been found and would be returned to the Chinese side

The soldier was apprehended, by the Indian Army at the southern bank of Pangong so, in eastern Ladakh, after he transgressed, across the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control

As per the information received, the soldier has been arrested at a time when the Indian Army, and the Chinese People's Liberation Army, have deployed a large number of their troops, in Ladakh.

The tension between the two countries has further increased, since the clash in the Pangong Lake area, in the month of May, and as a result, the two countries have increased the number of their troops, and security forces in the Ladakh region.

One of the Chinese websites wrote. The Indian side should strictly adhere, to the relevant agreements, signed by the two countries, and return the Chinese soldier to China without wasting the moment, so that positive factors can be added, to reduce border tensions between the two countries, and the two countries can jointly maintain, peace on the border."

Last year, on 19th October, a Chinese soldier who crossed L A-C , in the Demchok sector of Ladakh, was captured by Indian soldiers.

But following the prescribed protocol, the Indian Army had returned its troops, to China
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