Star Wars Obi-Wan KENOBI Series: Season 1 - Teaser (2022 Disney+) Teaser PRO's Concept Version

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Obi-Wan Kenobi is scheduled to be released in 2022, and will consist of 6 episodes.

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This trailer is a concept-mashup that shows my idea of ​​how the Teaser-Trailer for Star Wars Obi-Wan KENOBI Series might look like.

Some frames are taken from:
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Obi-Wan Kenobi is an upcoming American limited series created for the streaming service Disney+, featuring the Star Wars character of the same name. Set ten years after Revenge of the Sith , the series is written by Joby Harold and directed by Deborah Chow.

The series begins with Obi-Wan Kenobi watching over Luke Skywalker on Tatooine, ten years after the events of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith , and takes the character on a "rollicking adventure".

Ewan McGregor executive produces and stars as the title character, reprising his role from the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Hayden Christensen also stars, reprising his role as Darth Vader. The project originated as a spin-off film to be directed by Stephen Daldry and written by Hossein Amini, but it was reworked as a limited series by Amini following the financial failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story . Kenobi, Kenobi trailer, Kenobi official trailer. McGregor was confirmed to be starring in August 2019, and Chow was hired to direct a month later. Kenobi teaser trailer, obi wan kenobi, obi wan kenobi trailer. In May 2018, the film was reported to be titled Obi-Wan: A Star Wars Story, with a plot involving Kenobi protecting a young Luke Skywalker on the planet Tatooine amid tensions between local farmers and Tusken Raiders. Obi wan kenobi official trailer, obi wan kenobi teaser trailer, Kenobi series. Production on the film was expected to take place in Northern Ireland under the working title Joshua Tree, beginning in 2019 at Paint Hall Studios in Belfast once production on the final season of Game of Thrones ended in late 2018. Kenobi series trailer, Kenobi series official trailer, obi wan trailer, obi wan official trailer. However, Disney cancelled their planned Star Wars spin-off films, including the Kenobi film, following the financial failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story. KENOBI Disney+, Kenobi A Star Wars Story, Star Wars Obi-Wan KENOBI, Star Wars Obi-Wan KENOBI trailer. Lucasfilm's focus changed to making series for the streaming service Disney+, such as The Mandalorian. Kenobi TV Series, Darth Vader, Ewan McGregor, Star Wars official trailer, TeaserPRO. In August 2018, McGregor said he had been asked about a Kenobi spin-off for "years and years" and was happy to be involved, but said there were no plans for such a film at that time. He was interested in exploring the character in the time between his portrayal in the prequel films and that of Alec Guinness in the original trilogy.
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