Star Wars Leak | Good News for Mandalorian as Favreau Sides With FANS!

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Star Wars leaks suggest production is moving forward on The Mandalorian with a bold and innovative new production approach, as Favreau declares his respect for fandom and states: Star Wars is MYTH! Has Favreau been watching my videos? And what is George Lucas involvement with The Mandalorian moving forward? Here are the latest rumors! #starwars #mandalorian #lucasfilm

I want to express my thanks to Itchy Bacca for calling my attention to Favreau’s statement, and ask you to follow @ItchyBacca on Twitter and look up his blog DisneyStarWarsIsDumb!

Here is a link to one of my early videos where I declared the importance of our pop culture milestones not merely as entertainment, but as modern mythology:

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