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Raimi (The Soldier )
Cast : Victory Awungshi & Nimshimphi Muivah
Make-Up : Abung, Asst. Make-Up : Thanil (Ibomcha) Guest Make-Up : Yasing Jim
Music : Thoi Huirongbam, Title Music : Jidan SH
Lyrics : Krishnand (Boji) Ningombam
Song Lyrics Translated to Tangkhul
1. Robert Shimray (Horchamri)
2. Somi Chithung (Mamishok & Yami
Song Subtitle :
1. Sokhami A Shishak ( Yami & Mamishok)
2. Chiyaophy Kashung (Horchamri)
Playback Singer : Oshim Sowung, Nimshimphi Muivah & Robert Awungshi
Recording Studio : N-Kambt Pictures
Equipments : N-Kambt Pictures
Asst. Cameraman : Hemanta Konsam
Story, Screenplay, Lyrics, Fight & Song Choreography, Cinematography, Editor & Director : Krishnand (Boji) Ningombam
Stockist & Copyrights : Marison Entertainment, Opp. CLC Phungreitang East, Ukhrul.

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