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This is a live video sent by our Russian technically experienced trade partner Univolts.
Due to the epidemic control, our engineer was not able to go abroad. In addition, there are many sizes of products that must be packed on the same packaging line. Therefore, the debugging of this automatic packaging line is relatively difficult, but our technically experienced trade partner Univolts successfully debugged by themselves under the guidance of Bafu Online during commissioning on end-user production. Thank you for your hard work. Congratulation!
FWC350 high speed flow-pack machine with in-line feeder is applicable to automatic feeding and wrapping of small and medium sized products, like small confectionery, chocolate bar, cake, bread, biscuit, cookies. The machine will automatically arrange products into a single file before automatically feeding them into the wrapping section. The machine will wrap at 300-500 wraps per minute and will speed up and slow down to the speed of the production machines feeding it.
This is a fully automatic machine with print registration and date printer, auto reject device for misplaced chocolates. Machine can be supplied different configurations of cutting jaws for different sized products. The machine wraps in the flow-pack style.
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