Sergey Lazarev - Scream - Eurovision 2019 ( Russia )

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Sergey Lazarev - Scream - Eurovision 2019 Russia

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Writers: Dimitris Kontopoulos, Phillip Kirkorov , Sharon Vaugh
Produced by: Dimitris K
Mixed by: Andrew Konoplev @ CineLab Studios

Director: Konstantin Cherepkov
Director of photography: Alexey Kupriyanov
Art Director: Denis Lishenko
Assistant director : Vlad Derebasko
Production manager: Irina Morozova
Styling: Nadezhda Zenkova
Make-up and hair styling: Ernest Muntaniol, Ekaterina Bobkova, Mariya Avdeeva
Colorist: Maksim Mironov
Stop Motion Animation: Ilya Gilmanov
Video Composing: Konstatnin Tscehanskiy , Denis Safronov

Production: SEVER Production Co.

Мальчик: Андрей Лищенко
Лирическая героиня: Елена Арутюнова
Девочка: Майя Пестрякова

Lyrics :

I can’t stay here longer
You cannot make me cry
So I will leave you to wonder
What will become of our lives

I’ll swallow hard
Fall apart
Break and bleed but
You won’t see

Tears won’t fall
While pride stands tall
Maybe they can’t be heard or seen
But tears aren’t quiet things
They scream
They scream

Though my throat is on fire
My eyes will be liars
And they’ll try to stay drier
Until you turn away

I’ll swallow hard
Fall apart
Break and bleed but
You won’t see

Tears will fall
I hear them all
They scream
They scream

Not so silent and innocent
Acid rain from your finger prints
Echoes, rivers of loneliness
Hitting the walls of my heart

They scream
They scream


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