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Hiiii all ❤ Here is the video you all have been waiting for for a really long Ram came up with another prank, ghost prank in specific for 200K rjians. We already uploaded a ghost prank video which is our first prank and turning point of ram with Jaanu. we had around 30K subscribers at that point and now we have grown so We tried improving our video quality, editing quality and We are forever grateful for your love so it's a treat for all our loveable The one thing that jaanu is afraid of is No matter how many time ram ghostpranks jaanu she will always be scared ???? Because of the terrible ghost stories she's been hearing since So ram did this really scary and horrible prank on Eventhough she was really scared, she enjoy editing the video and took it sportive ❤ So it's all for Hope you like this ghost prank part 2 ❤ Make sure you subscribe to us and share our videos with your friends so that they can enjoy ❤????

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