playing with Clifford the big red dog with wings

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Multistreaming with

and hes not actually red

#Gaming #Beanteam #TheLastGuardian #WoahBeans

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stream rules
1. No streaming the stream
2. Don't be rude to anyone
3. Don't harass anyone
4. Fuyu's face is her face, so don't ask. Rude
5. Mods have ban hammers! So don't fuck with them!
6. Do not post/ask for social media links outside of the bean himself.
7. No over doing the Spamming. (Some is fine, but if you go overboard... there will frying)
8. No scam posts of any kind. This will result in ban hammer hitting your face.
9. We are adults in here and if you can't act like one. You will be removed.
10. Let's avoid talking about sensitive subjects, leave that to DM's if you really need to talk to someone about it.
11. If you have questions DM a Admin/Mod.
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