Make Love Not Warcraft: Part II (A South Park Story)

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After years of finally playing the game, the boys start a fresh journey in...
???? Classic WoW ????
But, a familiar foe makes his return, and it’s up to them to save the world (of Warcraft)

This was definitely a passion project for me. I started playing WoW after first seeing MLNW in ‘06. Now, many years later, I’m lucky enough to be collaborating with other content creators on some amazing WoW videos. This one could not have been done with out the brilliance of my friend MrGM, and I can’t thank him enough for always helping me out with the behind the scenes. Go show some love and check out his Twitch/YouTube channels. Also want to thank Jay the Bard for being supportive of this project since the very beginning, and allowing me to use his Journey Home (Classic WoW Parody).

Hey Trey and Matt, you hiring? :)


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