I Am a Soldier Going AWOL in Vietnam

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Over 50,000 American service members deserted the military during the Vietnam War. They left for many reasons, moral issues with the war, frustration with how the US government was handling it, fear of injury and death. No matter what their reason, the decision wasn't made lightly since the punishment for desertion in the United States is time in a military prison and in extreme execution. Find out why and how a US service member leaves their unit and goes AWOL during the Vietnam War in this all new episode of I Am.

This video is inspired by true real life events.

0:08 Fighting in the jungle in the Vietnam War
1:07 Crawling into a Vietcong tunnel
2:06 F-4 airplane attack run
3:19 Napalm and its effect on the jungle and bodies
4:41 Life in camp on the front lines
7:23 Making a break for it on a supply convoy
8:12 Politicians are the ones who wanted a war
9:17 Sneaking into a field hospital
10:24 Catching a ride on a PT boat
12:24 Boarding a C-130

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