How to Give Your Dog a Bath at Home - Red Poodle Gets a Bath

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My dog Ansel hates getting a bath if it is not after doing something fun that gets him very dirty. In this video, we share some tips for giving your dog a bath at home. If we want to learn more about Ansel, you can follow his Instagram @ansel_pansel.

Bath Tip #1:
Clean shower/tub area and remove human shower products a few hours beforehand.

Bath Tip #2:
Consider wearing protective footwear.

Bath Tip #3:
Remove rings and dangly jewelry.

Bath Tip #4:
Gather everything you might need beforehand.
(*Shampoo, conditioner, towels, combs, brushes, dryer, etc.)

Bath Tip #5:
If you do not have a retractable shower head, use a lightweight plastic bowl

Bath Tip #6:
2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner means less time in the bath!

Bath Tip #7:
Select a shampoo & conditioner specific to your dog’s skin and fur type.

Bath Tip #8:
Avoid getting water in your dog’s eyes and ears.

Bath Tip #9:
Use many towels and put some on the floor.

Bath Tip #10:
Make towel drying fun: Catch the towel!

Bath Tip #11:
Brush your dog regularly to prevent matting.

Bath Tip #12:
Brush and blow dry at the same time for maximum fluffiness.

Bath Tip #13:
Try to find a comb or brush that your dog will tolerate.

Bath Tip #14:
(if you are not prone to back pain) Blow dry in a small area where your dog can walk around.

Bath Tip #15:
Use a hair dryer to guide your dog around the small space.

Bath Tip #16:
If your dog does not approve of you blow drying some areas, allow them to air dry.

Bath Tip #17:
Use bath days as opportunities for nail trims, sani-trims, and teeth brushing.

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