How To Fix A Gun Shy Dog - You Ask We Answer

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Welcome to Standing Stone Kennels! In this video Bob Owens from Lone Duck Outfitters sits down with us to answer your questions! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to ask a question for next weeks Q&A session.

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Ethan and Kat Pippitt are the proud owners of Standing Stone Kennels. They both have a love for the outdoors and a real passion for training dogs. Ethan and Kat are both involved in developing and training each dog. They each bring their own special skill set to the table when it comes to training dogs! Kat loves puppies and makes sure each dog gets a healthy dose of love and affection every day. Ethan loves to hunt and guide with the dogs, which really puts the finishing touches on each dog’s training. Together, they breed top quality German Shorthair Pointers and provide each customer with an exceptional experience.

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