How to beat Tifa vs 3-C SOLDIER Candidates - Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE in 4K

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To get all the manuscripts, you need to do Battle Simulator challenges on Chapter 17 as well. Tifa vs 3-C SOLDIER Candidates is actually the hardest one of the bunch, because she has very weak magical defense, so the last boss will easily one-hit kill you.
Make sure you have the following:
1. Lightning elemental added to your attacks.
2. Barrier materia for Manawall (5th battle)
3. Chakra for healing (to consume MP)
4. HP and MP up materias (since you don't need all the materia spots anyway)
5. Use Carbuncle summon if you have it. If not, then no matter what kind of summon.

Boss Battles (ongoing list):
Scoprion Sentinel -
Roache -
Airbuster -
Grab Warden -
Reno -
Shiva (VR Battle) -
Hell House -
Abzu -
Eligor -
Ghoul -
Fat Chocobo (VR Battle) -
Abzu Final -
Jenova Dreamweaver -
Road Robot -
Reno & Rude -
Rufus -
Sepiroth -
Swordipede -
The Arsenal -
Whisper Harbiner -
Failed Experiment -
Type-0 Behemoth -
Leviathan (VR Battle) -
Bahamut (VR Battle) -
Reno (HARD mode) -
Hedgehog Pie King (Hard mode) -
Chromogger (Hard mode) -
Rude (Hard mode) -
Airbuster (HARD mode) -
Roche (HARD mode) -
Enigmatic Spectre (HARD mode) -
Crab Warden (HARD mode) -
Hell House Guide (Hard mode) -
Bombs Guide (Hard mode) -
Ghoul Guide (Hard mode) -
Cloud vs 3-C SOLDIER Candidates -
Tifa vs 3-C SOLDIER Candidates -
Aerith vs 3-C SOLDIER Candidates -
Barret vs 3-C SOLDIER Candidates -

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