Hooded Man: who is the Ghost in Winterfell?

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Who is the mysterious hooded man in Winterfell? Is he conspiring with Rowan and Crowfood Umber? Is the hooded man Robett Glover, or Harwin, or Hallis Mollen? Is the hooded man a ghost?

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Images and video from Game of Thrones used under fair use.
Wyman Manderly art by Borja Pindado:
Barbrey Dustin art by shebsart:
Jeyne Poole art by eluas:
Theon Greyjoy / Reek art by LynxSphinx:
Lady Stoneheart art by Zippo514:
Westeros map by Klaradox used with permission:
Hother Umber, Aenys Frey, Mors Umber, Hosteen Frey art by Dragonman14x:
Walder Frey art by Gibi Lynx:
Theon Greyjoy art by Felicia Cano:
Bran Stark weirwood art by bubug:
Ghost: :Hamlet,_Horatio,_Marcellus_and_the_Ghost_(Shakespeare,_Hamlet,_Act_1,_Scene_4)

References & further reading:
Lost Melnibonean:
Lady Gwyn:

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0:00 Winterfell
1:28 Murders
4:00 Conspiracy
7:20 Robett
8:55 Harwin
11:09 Hallis
13:40 Killers
16:01 Ghost
19:47 Kinslayer
22:06 Hooded Man
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