Ghost Hunting Teddy Bear?! 8 Products That Prove Hi5 Studios Is Haunted!

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(Matt's Video) Staying Overnight At Hi5 Studios (We Found Something Creepy) ➡

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Is Hi5 Studios haunted? We have our suspicions, but we're gonna find out today. Spooky, scary content coming your way. Better watch out. Better not cry.


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0:00 - Spooky, Scary Video
1:35 - Female Good, Male Bad
4:03 - Are We Getting Scammed?
6:43 -
9:25 - Check Out Matt's Vlog
9:49 - Boo Buddy: Real or Scam?
12:49 - Laser Cutting Ghosts
15:05 - Was That A Ghost?!
17:55 - Tanner Blinds Himself
20:33 - Do We Keep Getting Scammed?
23:37 - Is Hi5 Studios Haunted? Go Find Out!
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