Ghost Boats की Mystery का Japan से लेकर North Korea, China तक क्या Connection मिला? | Ghost Ships

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Ghost Ships: For years, the North Coast of Japan is at the center of a gripping mystery. Dozens of wooden ghost boats drifting through the ocean for weeks were routinely washing ashore along the coast of Japan carrying skeletons and corpses of starved fishermen. Several clues found on these vessels linked these ghost ships with North Korea. It was suspected that the North Korean fishermen looking for pacific squid come out of North Korea into the deep sea where they become stranded and die. However, all the explanations were mere guesswork. Now an investigation by Global Fishing Watch and The Outlaw Ocean Project found Chinese dark fishing fleets responsible for all this. This investigation explains how China's industrial fishing ships illegally fish in North Korean waters forcing North Korean fishermen farther out to rougher seas. These North Korean fishermen travel dangerous distances from their shore on their impoverished boats. Their desperate journey becomes a deadly journey resulting.

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