{FNAF SINGING BATTLE} Shadows vs Sister Location Extras | Gacha | EP 5 [Flash Warning]

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When you go a bit frame crazy— 2170 screenshots baby ????
So this took This whole corona situation is messing with a lot of
But these frames tho— Mwah ????
And I know Ennard is a weird character to throw into this Singing Battle (and I know I messed up lore but hey everyone does-),
I was feeling lazy-

Also a side note —
In my Shadow Freddy isn’t necessarily the crying child, however Chris is a part of him.
The Shadow bois are parts of the Spring bois.
It’s a weird but it makes sense to me-

Essentially, the shadows are the “innocence” of Fredbear and Springbonnie. After they were subjected to traumatic events at the first diner, their shadows were created.
Think of the shadow bois as “the shadows of the past” if you know that saying—

Springbonnie’s shadow was formed from his trauma from William using his suit to kill kids.
And for Fredbear, it was the bite of 83. That is why the crying child is a part of shadow Freddy, since his death was the cause of Fredbear’s trauma.

Feel free to leave any future battle suggestions!
I have some planned out ahead of so we’ll have to see how this goes~

Background Music:
1. Undertale: Memory (Music Box) flute cover - Lauren the Flute
2. XTale Timeline X OST - Famous - NyxTheShield
3. My Sunshine OST - Home, New Home - NyxTheShield
4. Lost Girl (Noelle’s Theme) - DELTARUNE CHAPTER II - Toby Fox
5. Glitchtale HATE OST - Golden Seraph - NyxTheShield
6. Deltarune OST - Hip Shop [Undertale Series] - Toby Fox
7. Dust OST - Forget - NyxTheShield
8. XTale Timeline X OST - Fulfilled Presage - NyxTheShield
9. XTale Timeline X OST - Forced Recall
10. [It’s showtime] Chocolate remix / Undertale Remix - RENY SOUND

Link to NyxTheShield:
Songs [Please support the official releases]:

Shadow Bonnie:


Shadow Freddy:
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