FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER 1X4 REACTION! | Ep 4 “The Whole World is Watching”| John Walker Snaps

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What a sad and shocking episode! Thanks for joining us as we continue our #MaJelivReactions of #TheFalconandTheWinterSoldier with Episode 4 “The Whole World is Watching”
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This episode punched us in the gut! We learn more about Zemo and that certain things he says are not entirely in the wrong here. We also have a powerful scene with Karli and Sam that show us why Sam in the only true candidate to ever possibly take on the shield.

But Captain America’s shield is tarnished! And who’s to blame? John Walker? Karli? Or simply the messed up world of the people in power?

Marvel has written this episode clearly influenced by the difficulties we face in this day and age.

Let us know you’re thoughts below!

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