Battle Styles IS Allocated - How Hard Will it be to Find? (Pokémon TCG News)

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Turns out Battle Styles IS being allocated but it might not be as bad as you think. Come see!

Why is Full Art Marnie Missing:
Pokémon TCG Release Schedule:
Official Pokémon Go TCG Cards:
Inteleon League Battle Deck / New Tins:
Shining Fates Allocation Update:
KFC Promos:
Battle Styles PR Promos Revealed:
How to Win Pokémon Cards:
You're Investing in the Wrong Pokémon Cards:
Top Selling Sealed TCG Products:
What Game Will be Revealed This Week:
Pokemon TCG Sales are HUGE:
Eevee Box & Missing PR Promos:
Low Supply is NOT a Conspiracy:
Shining Fates Low Allocation Explained:
Pokémon TCG is the Best Game of 2020:
Darkness Ablaze Getting a Reprint:
Genius Way to Stop Scalpers:
Busiest Ever Day in Pokémon:
Big Restock Coming:

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