Английский по фильму Звездные Войны

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Содержание выпуска:

В этот раз мы записали видео по фильму Звездные Войны. Вроде как пятый эпизод) Или шестой. Мы не смотрели ни одну часть)) Так что и не знаем даже по какому эпизоду звездных воин снимали видео.

- What kind of nonsense is this?
- Put me on the council and not make me a master? It’s never been done in the history of the Jedi. It’s insulting.
- Oh, calm down, Anakin. You have been given a great honor.
To be on the council at your age… it’s never happened before.
The fact of the matter is you are too close to the chancellor.
The council doesn’t like it when he interferes in Jedi affairs.
- I swear to you, I didn’t ask to be put on the council.
- But it’s what you wanted. Your friendship with Chancellor Palpatine seems to have paid off.
- That has nothing to do with this.
- The only reason the council has approved your appointment is because the chancellor trusts you.
- And?
- Anakin, I am on your side. I didn’t want to put you in this situation.
- What situation?
- The council wants you to report on all the chanceoolr’s dealings. They want to know what he’s up to.

1. Nonsense = ideas, behaviour, or statements that are not true or sensible.

That’s all nonsense.

2. To put on one’s hat

3. Insult – offensive – something that seems to show a lack of respect for someone or something.

Insult to the brain

4. Honor – the respect that people have for someone who achieves something great, is very powerful.

5. The fact of the matter is that I wasn’t going to prom.

Too small
Too late

6. Interfere in
To interfere in smb. ’s affairs

I don’t think your mother has the right to interfere in our affairs.

7. Swear – to promise or say firmly that you are telling the truth or that you will do something or behave in a particular way.

8. Pay off

Maria’s patience paid off.
The risk paid off.

9. Approve – to have a positive opinion of someone of something

10. The council has approved…
I have broken my arm.

11. A policeman’s uniform
My sister’s magazines

12. Up to

- Do you feel up to making this trip?
- I don’t feel up to it.


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